Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How can Dr Kirodi Lal Meena affect Rajasthan Assembly election 2013

How can Dr Kirodi Lal Meena affect Rajasthan Assembly election 2013? This is a vital question in coming election. Dr Kirodi Lal Meena is an eminent and most popular leader of Meena community who has large share in Rajasthan population. Dr Meena left BJP in last assembly election 2008 that had adversely affected BJP and help Indian National Congress to back in power. Later on Golma devi, wife of Dr Kirodilal was taken into Gehlot cabinet.

Dr Meena, however, was not satisfied with Congress party and chosen to constitute his own political party. He has not yet declared his support to any of the major political parties in Rajasthan. Both congress and Bharatiya Janata Party have eyes on Meena votes that can significantly effect poling results.

Dr Kirodi Lal Meena has declared to fight in 150 assembly constituencies out of 200 in Rajasthan. His independent presence will bring down few seats for both major political parties in the state.  It is assumed that his party can win five to ten seats and will significantly affect at least in twenty to twenty five seats.

Assembly election 2013 is crucial for both BJP and Congress as this will effect coming Loksabha election in 2014. Role of Kirodilal Meena will be crucial if any of these two major political parties do not get clear majority in 200 seats Rajasthan assembly. He would have bargaining power and probability of horse trading is not denied.

Both BJP and Congress parties are aware of the coming scenario and trying to counter this situation. JD(U), BSP and other smaller parties are also preparing their strategies to combat this. All these will effect significantly campaign program of all parties and even independent candidates.

Electronic media will play major role in this year campaign. Bulk SMS, website, social media promotion are attracting attention. People have eyes on young voters who will, as guessed, cast their votes irrespective of cast and creed division.


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